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Welcome to Inner Peace = World Peace

Our Purpose

  • To facilitate individuals in their ability to achieve and sustain deeper states of inner peace in order to help harmonize the human condition to establish a solid foundation for world peace.

Our Mission

  • To bring the importance of individual inner peace as a forerunner to world peace into greater public recognition and awareness.
  • To research, compile and present scientific findings that demonstrate how our individual inner states of being contribute to and affect the external state of the world, for better or worse.
  • To provide various materials and means that will assist people in their efforts towards achieving and sustaining deeper states of inner peace.
  • To provide a platform for formation of a global community dedicated to achieving deeper and more sustained states of inner peace.
  • To form groups of Inner Peace=World Peace activists to further the foundation’s goals and purpose. Initially these groups are envisioned in the form of Inner Peace Anchors and Inner Peace Ambassadors.

The Inner Peace = World Peace Formula

Our formula for world peace actually appears in this heading: Inner Peace = World Peace! It does not get much simpler than that either! Most people feel the truth of this simple formula for world peace when they embrace it presented in this simple and easy way.

However, there is also a lot of supportive science that has been assembled and presented on this site which supports this simple formula as being viable and true as well. You can access this on the “Our Simple Formula” page.

Most of the world currently still believes that our inner states of mind and emotion do not go any further than our own internal experience of them. The latest scientific findings are, however, indicating that nothing could be further from the truth!

We have developed both a common sense support platform and a fairly sophisticated scientific support platform for the simple formula Inner Peace=World Peace. This will help people around the globe to understand that this formula is really true.

It will also help people understand that not only is this simple formula worth pursuing, but that it is vitally necessary to actually achieve a lasting peace in our world.

The great news is that inner peace is also beneficial to our individual states of health and well-being. This is now well-documented and its rather amazing, when you really think about it, that collectively we have not yet come to realize that whatever truly serves our own health and well-being also serves the health and well-being of our world. Our world is comprised of us after all!

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