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How We Began

Inner Peace = World Peace first came into awareness in 2010. Our founder, Simeon Nartoomid, was preparing to move off of the island of Kaua’i to head back to Colorado. As he tells it…

I was doing some deep soul searching because I was not only leaving my home of 6 years on Kaua’i, I was also leaving the 16 year stint of spiritual work I had done with my former wife and dear friend Maia.

Secluded Kaua'i BeachI was driving down to a small secluded beach on the ocean each afternoon to sit, meditate and journal what would come to me regards my purpose in life going forward.

I had hand-written over 40 pages in my journal after about 2 weeks of this activity. In the end, I had the revelation that the one thing I was able to experience rather solidly regardless of what was taking place in my life was inner peace.

This indeed seemed to be a gift that I naturally had. I could feel how intensely my heart burned with the desire to help others experience more of their own inner peace too.

I then also realized how much I wanted a peaceful world that would embrace and benefit everyone regardless of their color, culture, religion, beliefs, financial status or anything else.

I was sitting there writing in my journal about these lucid revelations when the name Inner Peace = World Peace suddenly occurred to me. I immediately knew that creating an organization of some sort to promote this concept and support people in achieving it was my true purpose going forward in life.

in 2011 I met my soul mate Karen. We were married in 2013. Karen also naturally enjoys a deep state of inner peace even when things aren’t going smoothly.

Now we’ve formed ‘Inner Peace = World Peace’ as unincorporated partnership business in the UK where we live. We’re working together helping people experience more inner peace and we’d love to have you join us in this delightful endeavor.

Our approach to achieving world peace is up front and personal! We want to help you and others like you experience more of your own inner peace and in a much more sustainable way than you may think is possible in our crazy world!

We’re truly dedicated to developing increasingly effective ways to accomplish this and we very much look forward to taking this journey with you.

Simeon Nartoomid - Co-Founder

Simeon Nartoomid
Founder / Director

Simeon brings to our cause 30+ years of experience in helping people to realize their fullest human potential. He’s also well-versed in business and technological matters. His work in facilitating personal transformation groups is a welcome skill set to have on hand for our purpose and mission too.

Karen Nartoomid - Co-Founder

Karen Mary Nartoomid
Co-Founder / Human Relations

Karen brings to our cause 35+ years of experience as a nurse. Karen has actively practiced nursing the whole person… spirit, mind, emotions and body. She knows how to bring people into a peaceful state during difficult times. Karen’s skills in working closely with people are highly valuable to our purpose and mission.