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Connection Brings Peace

By November 2, 2016November 18th, 2016Peace Tidbits
Connection Brings Peace

Connection Brings PeaceI'll begin by saying that peace is not merely the absence of conflict, but also the presence of cooperation, caring, forgiveness and compassion.

Cooperation, caring, forgiveness and compassion all have a prerequisite of connection. If we are unable to connect with others we will not be able to express or represent any of these finer qualities of human character and existence.

Connection operates on a multitude of levels, but it must truly begin within ourselves. We need to feel connected to the larger part of ourselves regardless of what we may call it. When you truly feel connected to that larger part of yourself, the "Real You," then you feel a sense of heightened peace and calm within yourself.

There is then a natural unfoldment whereby the connection you feel inside of yourself gets extended out to others. When someone is embraced by a connected-other, they too then feel more connected. This increased sense of connection is then extended out to even more people.

The way such a progression occurs is not linear either, it's totally exponential. It will start out at a snails pace but then quickly gain momentum whereby soon it spreads like a wildfire being driven by high winds.

What I have been speaking of here thus far is inner peace. Connection brings us this sense of inner peace through our connection with our whole self and with others.

Connection also is one of the prerequisites for world peace. If one country or group of peoples feels connected inside themselves and to each other, they will then naturally seek to connect to other country's or groups. When connection is occurring your interactions are more peaceful and harmonious.

Conflict is a byproduct of either a breakdown of connection, or a lack of it to begin with. Therefore, the moment we sense conflict, if we are self-aware enough, we can ask ourselves where we need to connect or re-connect to resolve the issue.

If we are sincere in our intent to connect, it will have a harmonizing effect on the situation, and it will thus result in a greater sense of peace, both within and without for all parties concerned.

This same principle holds true for individuals looking to overcome inner conflicts, individuals or groups looking to overcome conflicts between or amongst them, and states and nations seeking to avoid or resolve international conflicts.

To connect requires being in your heart. The degree of your ability to connect is determined by the degree to which you are in your heart. Strong emotional reactions will cut us off from the ability to be in our hearts. There is actually some rather profound biological science that supports this (ref: Institute of HeartMath Research).

Therefore learning to deal with strong emotions is something you will need to develop. HINT: it's very important to get past the blame part of strong emotions. Share any tips and tools you use for this purpose in the comments below!

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