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Creating Peace for Future Generations

By March 3, 2017Activism
Creating Peace for Future Generations

Creating Peace for Future Generations

To create a peaceful world through inner peace requires being keenly focused in the here and now personally, while at the same time you’re holding a larger vision of where we’re all going collectively.

World peace through inner peace is an inside job. Expanding our own abilities to achieve and sustain states of inner peace is the place we must focus first. Our deepening states of inner peace then automatically emanate out to others and the world. This is a passive form of inner peace activism which is absolutely necessary.

As we achieve some modicum of success in this passive endeavor, we are then going to be naturally inspired to move into active mode and reach out and help others achieve more inner peace. If we are going to create a peaceful for future generations then we need to teach the younger generations how to achieve inner peace too.

Children naturally understand how to be peaceful and get along with each other IF they are taught the tools and ideas that are required to accomplish it. Otherwise they simply imitate the chaotic and stressful adult behaviors they witness going on around them.

One of my all time heros in this regard is Mabel Katz who uses and teaches the Self-Identity through Ho’oponopono method and tools for achieving inner peace. In her article “Do We Really Want Peace?” she shares how the schools and teachers she has worked with have helped children to learn how to remain peaceful and in acceptance when things are not always going their way instead of reacting and getting upset and hurt.

In the article above Mabel shares as an example of what’s possible, how she worked with the teachers and students in a particular school in Hungary. The teachers continued to teach the children in their classes Mabel’s special Ho’oponopono inner peace tools.

Then when she worked with the parents of these same children, some of them reported noticing a significant difference in their children’s behavior, a very positive one! They previously had no idea what was going on at the school in this regard.

I truly encourage you to read the article by Mabel Katz at the above link. It demonstrates how the world can be changed into a peaceful world, one person at a time. As we work towards this goal together, we must work with the children who are our future generations too. In order to do that, we must do our best to be a living breathing example of what we wish to see them accomplish.

There are many ways of achieving deeper and more sustainable states of inner peace. The tools taught by Mabel Katz are one way that I have experienced myself. In fact after learning these basic tools they sort of became integrated into the other techniques I myself have developed.

Our aim here at Inner Peace = World Peace is to make many different ways of achieving deeper and more sustainable states of inner peace better known and available.

We are working towards developing a community of inner peace facilitators that have skills and experience in helping people achieve deeper and more sustainable states of inner peace.

If you believe in our mission and have such skills and you’d like us to let people know about how you can help them in this regard, please contact us for details on how we might work together for this purpose!

Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons