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Inner Peace is Optional (NOT) Part 2

By September 26, 2019December 21st, 2019Peace Activism, Peace Tidbits
Inner Peace is Optional (NOT) Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog series I ended by leaving you with the question:

What would your life be like if you could experience inner peace in the form of REAL (not feigned) peace, calm, centeredness and balance, REGARDLESS of what was happening in your life?

Accomplishing THAT would be extremely empowering!
So how can you accomplish that?

I know many people who are drawn to read this may have already been working on this goal even if they haven’t thought of it in the way I am describing it. So I’ll begin by saying that everything you’ve done thus far has indeed been preparing you for becoming much more highly adept at doing this one most powerful thing in your life.

To further develop your abilities in this direction you will do well to develop a better degree of self-honesty. To be able to have more control over how you react and respond to life within yourself, you need an ability to be able to be fully honest with yourself regards the places you are falling short of your goals in this regard.

Otherwise you will operate in a form a self-delusion which then interferes with your ability to achieve emotional and mental sovereignty and deeper states of inner peace. Lack of self-honesty seriously interferes because if we fool ourselves into believing that we’re hitting our mark, when in fact we’ve missed it, then we’ll not actually be of the belief that we need to make any further improvements. Once that condition sets in, it interferes with everything else you may be trying to do along these lines.

One of the really beautiful things about this is that the more self-honest you are, the more you feel peaceful inside yourself too. Self-honesty is therefore a tool to directly take control over your inner reactions and responses to the myriads of stimuli that life tosses your way, and which can cause you to react or respond internally in ways that do not feel very good.

Tips for Developing More Self-Honesty

  1. Keep a journal or diary where you write down a few notes about any challenging daily situations and occurrences and how you reacted/responded to them both internally, and externally. The truth of the matter here is that if you can change how you react/respond internally, then your external responses will also change for the better all of their own accord.
  2. Do a day-end review each day. This can also be integrated into your journaling process. Ask yourself where you missed the mark in handling difficult situations that you encountered and could have done better; and also, just as importantly, ask yourself where you performed well that day. You will find that as you gain more ability to be self-honest, the things which once seemed difficult or challenging no longer do.
  3. Become proactive in the moment that you start experiencing any type of negative reaction or internal response to any people, circumstances, or situations. One way to do this is by telling yourself over and again, that ONLY YOU can change how you feel inside, and NOW is the time that you need to step up and do that.
  4. Fully accept whatever emotions you are experiencing inside yourself, without making them into your highest truth or attempting to hang onto them after you’ve accepted them. They only represent a limited truth of the moment. Remember your higher values to then access what your enduring higher truth really is. This will dispel your negative inner reactions and responses, and thus get you back to experiencing and being the best you that you wish to be.
  5. Acknowledge you’re human and that it’s therefore perfectly normal to have negative inner reactions and responses at times. Do this with an intention to also do your best to take 100% responsibility for what you experience inside of yourself and to not blame anyone/anything else for your inner reactions and responses.

In addition to being better able to experience inner peace in the form of REAL (not feigned) peace, calm, centeredness and balance, REGARDLESS of what’s happening in your life, another really wonderful benefit to becoming more self-honest is that you will actually find other people will naturally trust you more. This can show up in many ways, but at the core of them all is a wonderful feeling of deepening connection that expands between you and others.