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Key to Inner Peace

By February 11, 2013November 18th, 2016Peace Tidbits
Key to Inner and Outer Peace

Key to Inner and Outer PeaceI have been saying for years that the reality we each experience is formed out of what we are experiencing internally. This of course means that if we wish to have a harmonious and peaceful life we will need to learn how to achieve a deeper and more sustainable state of inner peace.

I have also been writing and teaching that it is our acceptance of what already exists in our life that will open the door to a deeper inner peace and also establish a solid platform for true change to occur within our lives if it is meant to occur.

I stumbled upon a wonderful article entitled “The Key to Inner Peace” by a woman in Northern California named Dianna Good. She relates a very similar principle regarding acceptance of what is happening in our lives as being a key to achieving inner peace.

Image (cropped, resized, enhanced) Credit: BK on Flickr