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Inner Peace = World Peace


Our simple formula “Inner Peace = World Peace” clearly outlines what we need to accomplish in order to have a lasting world peace.

A Simple Formula for Peace

Most people that hear about this simple formula just KNOW its truth deep inside themselves.

For the more skeptical part of our logical minds, however, we present to you two logical approaches that also validate, verify and support our simple formula.

The first uses common sense logic, and the second uses scientific logic.


Answer these six simple questions and then decide for yourself if our simple formula for world peace is based on common sense.

  1. Does it make any sense to you that we could achieve a lasting world peace if the world is  full of people who are in inner chaos and conflict?
  2. How easy is it to get along peacefully with someone who’s in inner chaos, conflict, frustration and anger?
  3. Would a community of people in a chaotic and conflicted state of mind and emotion be a peaceful community?
  4. Would chaotic communities be capable of forming a peaceful nation?
  5. Can we achieve a sustainable world peace without peaceful nations?
  6. What’s your conclusion?

This is about all the logic most people need to reasonably agree that we need more people at peace inside themselves to achieve a lasting world peace.

However, the scientific information and logic we’ve assembled below also demonstrates how when we are experiencing states of inner peace we are making an important contribution to world peace.

Yep, by simply improving your own life you can help others, read on!


Please keep the common sense logic above in mind as you explore the scientific logic and discoveries that are revealed below.

The basic thesis for our scientific logic follows these three interlinked areas of science:

  • The planetary geomagnetic fields affect our states of body, mind and emotion (i.e. our health, well-being and consciousness).
  • Our states of mind and emotion (i.e. our consciousness) affect the planetary geomagnetic fields.
  • Each of our human electromagnetic fields directly affects other people’s electromagnetic fields.


In scientific jargon the states of inner balance that are required to achieve inner peace are referred to as “coherent states” or just “coherence.” Quoting from the scientific paper “The Global Coherence Initiative: Creating a Coherent Planetary Standing Wave” by Rollin McCraty PhD, Annette Deyhle PhD and Doc Childre of the HeartMath Institute…

Connected Together and With Our Earth“…The new picture that has emerged is that all living systems are interconnected at a deep fundamental level and communicate with one another via biological fields and nonlocal mechanisms. Although the nature of these interconnecting fields is not yet fully understood, there is considerable scientific data that substantiate their existence through observation of their effects. It also has become increasingly clear that invisible magnetic influences emanating from the sun and earth profoundly affect life on earth from birth to death. It has been reliably shown that solar and geomagnetic cycles not only correlate with human health indicators, but also with such major societal conflicts as violence, crime, terrorism, and war…

“…The first overarching hypothesis of GCI is that all living systems are interconnected at an energetic level and communicate with one another via biological fields, including nonlocal fields, when certain conditions are met.

“From this general hypothesis, the second overarching hypothesis is that not only are humans affected by planetary energetic fields, but conversely the earth’s energetic systems are also influenced by and act as a carrier wave for collective human emotions and consciousness (positively or negatively). Thus, much of the planetary “information field Environment” is made up of the collective consciousness of the inhabitants.

The third hypothesis is that large numbers of people intentionally generating heart-coherent positive emotional states of care, compassion, love, and appreciation will generate a coherent standing wave that can help offset present and future planetary-wide standing waves of stress, fear, discord, and incoherence.

Global Connectedness and Health“Embedded within the above overarching hypotheses is a related hypothesis that human emotions and consciousness interact with and encode information in planetary energetic fields, including the geomagnetic field, thereby communicating information between people at a subconscious level, which in effect, links all living systems and gives rise to a form of collective consciousness. Thus, a feedback loop exists between all human beings and the earth’s energetic systems. It is further proposed that when coherently aligned individuals are intentionally creating physiologically coherent waves, they encode information in the planetary scale energetic fields, which act as a carrier wave, thereby positively impacting all living systems contained within the field environment and the collective consciousness. This in turn will create a mutually beneficial feedback loop between human beings and the earth’s energetic systems.”

These three hypothesis, which have quite a bit of scientific data to support them and form quite a strong scientific foundation for our three Scientific Logic bullet points above all by themselves. However, there is a great deal more to be considered as well.

From the scientific paper “Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social, and Global Health” by Rollin McCraty PhD and Doc Childre:

“Of the many new scientific perspectives that emerged from the 20th century, one of the most profound is that the universe is wholly and enduringly interconnected and  coherent. Complex living systems, including human beings, are composed of numerous dynamic, interconnected networks of biological structures and processes. Coherence implies order, structure, harmony, and alignment within and amongst systems—whether in atoms, organisms, social groups, planets, or galaxies.

“Thus, every whole has a relationship with and is a part of a greater whole, which is again part of something greater. In this context, nothing can be considered as separate, alone, or lacking relationships. One of the more surprising findings that has emerged from physics is quantum coherence, which has given rise to the prediction of nonlocality and instantaneous communication between subatomic particles separated by vast distances.

“Most people know what it feels like to be in harmonious state, the place where our hearts, minds and bodies are united in a feeling of wholeness. This state is often referred to as ‘the zone,’ ‘flow,’ ‘oneness,’ etc. When we are in such states we typically feel connected not only to our deepest selves but to others, even to the earth itself. We call this state of internal and external connectedness “coherence.”

“This overview discusses how… being responsible for and increasing our personal coherence are not only reflected in improved personal health and happiness but also feed into and are reflected in a global field environment. It is postulated that as increasing numbers of people add coherent energy to the global field, it helps strengthen and stabilize mutually beneficial feedback loops among human beings and with the earth itself.”

GOES 8 SatelliteAn excellent example of the scientific principles that are being discussed in the two papers quoted above was rather profoundly demonstrated when on September 11, 2001, as the world watched the television coverage of the horrific terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, the GOES-8 and GOES-10 (Geostationary Operational Environmental) satellites both recorded a statistically significant spike in the planetary geomagnetic field. In one of his books Gregg Braden spoke about this on page 193 of “Fractal Time”:

“In September 2001, two geostationary operational environmental satellites (GOES) orbiting the Earth detested a rise in global magnetism that forever changed the way scientists view our world and us. The GOES-8 and GOES-10 each showed a powerful spike of Earth’s magnetic-field strength in the readings they broadcast every 30 minutes. It was the magnitude of the spikes and the time they occurred that first called them to the scientist’s attention…”

A further demonstration of the inter-connectedness that we have through the geomagnetic field of the Earth was provided by the Princeton University Global Consciousness Project’s research unit. They work with random number generators (RNG’s or Eggs) that are located all over the planet in a grid type pattern. They also recorded some statistically significant anomalies in their data on 9/11/2001 as well. The following links explore their data and what it may mean.

• Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project: Exploratory Analysis – Terrorist Attacks, September 11 2001

• Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project: Extended Analysis – Terrorist Attacks, September 11, 2001

• Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project: Formal Analysis – Terrorist Attacks, September 11, 2001

Global Consciousness Project Analysis for September 11, 2001 by Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Sciences
PEAR benchmark REG and display

We can further explore the common connection we all have with each other and our planet by taking a look at how we are individually and collectively affected by changes in the planetary geomagnetic fields. There is a fledgling arm of science called “Heliobiology” now dedicated to studying such affects.

From NASA’s Technical Papers Database:

“Heliobiology studies the influence of changes in solar activity on life. Considered are the influence of periodic solar activity on the development and growth of epidemics, mortality from various diseases, the functional activity of the nervous system, the development of psychic disturbances, the details of the development of microorganisms and many other phenomena in the living world.”

Heliobiology is thus the study of how our Sun’s behavior affects us biologically on Earth. However, it is important to realize that many of the effects we experience on Earth as a result of our Sun’s activity are secondary effects due to disturbances that this Solar activity creates in the Earth’s geomagnetic field which then in turn affect us for better or worse.

Here are some further scientific studies for you to explore. These are all along the lines of our Scientific Logic’s three bullet points.

• The NewScientist – Does the Earth’s Magnetic Field Cause Suicides?

Solar and Geomagnetic Activity, Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic and Electric Fields and Human Health at the Earth’s Surface

Effects of Geomagnetic Activity Variations on the Physiological and Psychological State of Functionally Healthy Humans

Geophysical Variables and Behavior: Xcviii. Ambient Geomagnetic Activity and Experiences of “Memories”: Interactions with Sex and Implications for Receptive Psi Experiences

Solar and Geomagnetic Activities and Related Effects on the Human Physiological and Cardio-Health State: Some Results of Azerbaijani and Collaborative Studies by Elchin S. Babayev of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

On Statistical Relationship of Solar, Geomagnetic and Human Activities

The Truth on Magnetic Storms and Our Health

Scientific Evidence Geomagnetic Storms Are Making You Sick


Mind, Emotions, DNA & EnvironmentThe third bullet point in our Scientific Logic, “Each of our human electromagnetic fields directly affects other people’s electromagnetic field,” can also be extended to include how our states of mind and emotion (consciousness) actually affect our DNA, and how our DNA may affect others and even affect our external environment near and far. Much of the scientific work being done in this area is within the new fields of science called “Quantum Fields” and “Epigenetics.” What follows is some of the selected science that elucidates somewhat how our DNA can even be involved in our ability to transmit our inner state of mind and emotions to others near and far.

• The DNA Phantom Effect Experiment – Direct Measurement of A New Field in the Vacuum Substructure – by Dr. Vladimir Poponin

Russian DNA Research by Gajarev

General Epigenetics Info

An Epigenetic Hypothesis of Aging-related Cognitive Dysfunction “It is now apparent that epigenetic marks can be modified in response to an organism’s experience…”

Genie in Your Genes by Dawson Church PhD “…He focuses on a class of genes called Immediate Early Genes or IEGs. These genes turn on within a few seconds of a stimulus. They can be triggered by thoughts or emotions…”

• Emotional Energetics, Intuition, and Epigenetics Research


We Affect Each OtherIn the emerging scientific field of bio-energetic research we can find a new basis for how it is that we are interconnected through the planetary geomagnetic field. In embracing this science we come to understand what the mechanisms may be for how we are affected by anything we or something else does to our planet’s geomagnetic field.

We can also understand better that we are directly connected to each other locally when we are in proximity to each other through bio-energetic fields that interact with each other much like radio waves interact with a radio receiver. There is also some further evidence that strongly supports the notion that we are connected non-locally to each other at distance. Non-local types of energetic connection are not directly scientifically measurable at this time nor is the mechanism for how such connections might occur known.

The Institute of HeartMath is involved in a lot of the leading edge research in these areas and can be considered to be a pioneer in these sciences. Their head of research, Rollin McCraty PhD is an amazing individual that both understands established science and who also has an open mind towards exploring subtle energy bio-energetic and planetary geomagnetic fields of energy and interactions. This includes how these fields affect us, how we affect them, and how we affect each other.

Here are a few more studies as examples of what this leading edge of science is now discovering.

Achieving Collective Coherence : Group Effects on Heart Rate Variability Coherence and Heart Rhythm Synchronization

The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Communication Within and Between People by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

The Electricity of Touch: Detection and Measurement of Cardiac Energy Exchange Between People by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Mike Atkinson, Dana Tomasino, B.A., and William A. Tiller, Ph.D.

The Institute of HeartMath (IHM) also sponsors the Global Coherence Initiative to encourage people to coordinate globally to send coherent energy into our planetary geomagnetic field for the benefit of all. The Institute of HeartMath also has their own scientifically developed techniques for achieving coherent states of mind and emotion (consciousness).

The Global Coherence Project

IHM techniques are not the only way of achieving coherent states and inner peace, but they do have technology that allows you to scientifically measure your degree of coherence thereby eliminating the subjective self-assessment problems. This technology can be used to assess the effectiveness of any techniques you choose to use. The bottom line is that inner peace cannot be achieved without a good degree of HRV (Heart Rate Variability) coherence.