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What are YOU “feeding the field” each and every moment of every day?

Dr. Rollin McCraty Ph.D. of the Institute of HeartMath

Feeding the Field

Dr. Rollin McCraty Ph.D., Director of Research at the Institute of HeartMath®, states that each and every moment of every day we are emanating an energy which reflects our inner mental and emotional states of being.

This energy we emanate is what we are feeding into our planet’s geomagnetic field environment (the field), and it affects all other living things on our planet for better or worse.

It is therefore critically important that as many of us as possible learn to become aware of what we are actually “feeding the field” moment by moment, and to make sure it’s emanating from a state of peace, balance and positive emotion.

Our mission is to support everyone in achieving sustainable states of inner peace and balance. Our Peace Activism groups as described herein provide you with even more exceptional personal level of support in this regard.

Peace Anchors Logo

Inner Peace Anchors

This is our basic Peace Activism group. It’s for anyone who desires to be part of the World Peace solution through a personal dedication and commitment to achieving and sustaining states of inner peace in their own daily lives.

This is a significant contribution to world peace that you can make. As a Peace Anchor we’ll support you wholeheartedly in achieving a sustainable state of inner peace so that you become part of the world peace solution.

You’ll therefore become much more effective at “feeding the field” with peaceful energy. This then helps others that you’ll never meet to more easily experience their own inner peace.

Everyone wins. You get top-notch support to improve the quality of your own life while at the same time you’re improving the quality of life for all living things on our planet!

Peace Ambassadors Logo

Inner Peace Ambassadors

This group is also a part of the basic Peace Anchors group, which forms the foundation for the work of the Peace Ambassadors.

Peace Ambassadors are people who are dedicated to being Peace Anchors as well as assuming active roles in the world. Regards active roles in the world there are two overall objectives:

1. Help others understand the connection between inner peace and world peace.

2. Help others achieve sustainable states of inner peace.

There are many ways these two objectives can be accomplished, some of which include:

Objective 1:

  • Writing articles for blogs, journals, magazines and newspapers about the Inner Peace = World Peace simple formula, supportive science, purpose and mission.
  • Appearing on radio, TV and internet talk shows to discuss the Inner Peace = World Peace simple formula, supportive science, purpose and mission.
  • Holding events, either live in-person or via the internet, to inform others of the Inner Peace = World Peace simple formula, supportive science, purpose and mission.
  • Creating websites that speak about the work of the Inner Peace = World Peace  and which link back to this site.
  • Do research to find articles, science, news etc. that would be beneficial for us to share with the users of this website and to encourage them to support our purpose and mission.

Objective 2:

  • Offering your services to share with others what you generally know about achieving deeper and more sustainable states of inner peace.
  • Become certified in teaching our protocols to help others achieve deeper and more sustainable states of inner peace.

Be the Peace Solution!