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Sweet Acceptance Brings Inner Peace

By February 9, 2019August 20th, 2020Peace Tidbits
Sweet Acceptance Brings Inner Peace

Sweet Acceptance brings Inner Peace

Whenever you feel stressed out and don’t have any inner peace to speak of, there is a simple trick to help release the stress, chill a bit, and experience a bit more inner peace.

Sweet acceptance of whatever is happening in that moment is the simple trick I’m speaking of. It works marvelously most of the time for most people. Why? Because in a stressed-out state we always have various pressures on us as a result of at least one inner conflict, and there may be an outer conflict present as well.

Conflicts are fueled by resistance, which is a form of non-acceptance. Many times you are not even aware that you have an inner conflict taking place either. You will most likely be aware that you are stressed-out though. Therefore, whenever you are stressed-out you need to have some type of reminder tool that you can use to help you realize you have some type of inner conflict taking place that’s resulting in the stressed-out condition you’re experiencing.

The moment you have an awareness that you’re stressed, and that there’s an inner conflict of some type taking place causing that stress, you will quickly become aware of what that conflict is, at least it’s basics. Once that happens you’ll be able to see what you’re resisting. Once you can get a sense of what your resisting, then you’ll also know what you’re not accepting in that moment of your life. Then you just accept whatever it is.

Accepting doesn’t mean that you’re saying it’s what you want or prefer, or that you condone it, etc. It simple means you’re accepting that it exists, and that you exist, and so there’s a way to co-exist even if it’s not clear to you what it is. Just accepting it like that will help you make peace with it for the moment. From this place of acceptance, you are then also empowered to make changes that can lead to whatever you’d prefer to have in place of what you were resisting.

I’ll also add a note of caution, in that this methodology cannot be used if you are being physically or emotionally abused. In such cases you need to first remove yourself from the abusive situation as quickly as possible. After your safety has been secured then you can work to accept that such a situation indeed occurred to you, and that the person abusing you has a problem that they need some professional help with, and that you are not the problem that they have.

Let us and others in the community know how sweet acceptance works for you, and please do share with us any techniques that you have found to be helpful in making acceptance work!

You can learn a lot more that goes along with this technique in my eBook “A Pathway to Enduring Inner Peace” too!

Image Credit: johnhain at Pixabay