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Becoming a Peace Seeking Missal in a World of Chaos

Becoming a Peace Seeking Missal in this World of Chaos

By Community, Peace Activism, Peace Tidbits

Becoming a Peace Seeking Missal in a World of ChaosFirst, my use of the word ‘missal’ in the title of this article must be properly understood! This is NOT to be confused with the word ‘missile,’ although I indeed used a bit of wordplay here. The word ‘missal’ is a set of prayers or devotions. The word missile is a projectile that gets launched, hurled, or thrown at a target. My idea here is that we can all become a set of devotions, prayers or positive beneficial energies that Read More

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

By Peace Tidbits

Cultivate an Attitude of GratitudeToday people in the USA and some other countries celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday. Here in the UK this holiday is not celebrated. Being a citizen of the USA living in the UK with my lovely wife and soulmate Karen, I think fondly about people in the USA during this holiday. It also earmarks the commemoration of the day in 2013 that I climbed aboard a one-way flight in Denver to Read More

Sweet Acceptance Brings Inner Peace

Sweet Acceptance Brings Inner Peace

By Peace Tidbits

Sweet Acceptance brings Inner Peace

Whenever you feel stressed out and don’t have any inner peace to speak of, there is a simple trick to help release the stress, chill a bit, and experience a bit more inner peace.

Sweet acceptance of whatever is happening in that moment is the simple trick I’m speaking of. It works marvelously most of the time for most people. Why? Because in a stressed-out state we always have various Read More