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Inner Peace

Exchart Tolle on Finding Inner Peace

[VIDEO] Tolle, Finding Inner Peace

By Peace Tidbits, Videos
This simple brief description and exercise given by Eckhart Tolle (one of my favs) on how to find inner peace, and why you may not be experiencing it, is so beautifully offered that regardless of your level of accomplishment in achieving inner peace it is sure to be of some value to you!

Connection Brings Peace

Connection Brings Peace

By Peace Tidbits

Connection Brings PeaceI'll begin by saying that peace is not merely the absence of conflict, but also the presence of cooperation, caring, forgiveness and compassion.

Cooperation, caring, forgiveness and compassion all have a prerequisite of connection. If we are unable to connect with others we will not be able to Read More

Enduring Inner Peace

Enduring Inner Peace

By Peace Tidbits

Enduring Inner Peace
This article by Marliyn Briant relates her journey through the wild ups and downs of incoherent stressful emotion to sustainable states of inner peace.

This is a wonderfully written and highly informative article with numerous well articulated tips and bits of wisdom like Read More

[VIDEO] 10 Secrets Inner Peace

By Videos

These 10 secrets to Inner Peace and Success are true gems…

Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer, and while the video presentation is not quite what it could be to do this information true justice, the wisdom is still awesome…

The Biology of Inner Peace

Biology of Inner Peace

By Science

The Biology of Inner PeaceMost people think of inner peace as something they experience in the absence of stress. There is a good reason for this. Our physiology exhibits various biological representations of the different types of stress we encounter. It also has biological representations of inner peace in the absence of such stressed states.

Its also important to realize that there are both beneficial and harmful forms of stress. Read More

Inner Peace at Any Age

Inner Peace at any Age

By Peace News

Inner Peace at Any AgeThis article from the “New Jersey Jewish News” depicts how at any age we can start achieving greater inner peace, health and well-being through the ancient art of yoga. The WAE (Wellness, Arts & Enrichment) Center of Jewish Service for the Developmentally Disabled has been Read More

Shaolin and Inner Peace

Shaolin & Inner Peace

By Peace News

Shaolin and Inner Peace

The martial arts have become popularized as glorified means of violence in the western media for some time. Many of these martial arts, however, have their roots in Buddhist and other related spiritual teachings and practices.

This excellent news article from Read More