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Inner Peace

Key to Inner and Outer Peace

Key to Inner Peace

By Peace Tidbits

Key to Inner and Outer PeaceI have been saying for years that the reality we each experience is formed out of what we are experiencing internally. This of course means that if we wish to have a harmonious and peaceful life we will need to learn how to achieve a deeper and more sustainable state of inner peace.

I have also been writing and teaching that Read More

Life as a Celebration for Inner Peace

By Peace Tidbits

life-as-celebration-for-inner-peace-og“Seeing Life as a Celebration” to achieve inner peace, an article by Christopher R. Edgar, very clearly points out how our continual drive for perfecting ourselves destroys our inner peace and never actually achieves its objective!

Christopher Edgar suggests a way of being able to balance our need for betterment with accepting ourselves as being absolutely perfect just as we are. His insights are something I have personally felt to be true for a long time. His solution is heartwarming, fun and absolutely brilliant! Read this whole article

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Inner Peace & Outer Peace

Inner & Outer Peace

By Activism

Inner Peace & Outer Peace

This brief interview with the well-known author, lecturer, Unity Minister and peace activist, Marianne Williamson, speaks directly to some of the fundamental sociological and societal changes that need to be Read More