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Becoming a Peace Seeking Missal in a World of Chaos

Becoming a Peace Seeking Missal in this World of Chaos

By Community, Peace Activism, Peace Tidbits

Becoming a Peace Seeking Missal in a World of ChaosFirst, my use of the word ‘missal’ in the title of this article must be properly understood! This is NOT to be confused with the word ‘missile,’ although I indeed used a bit of wordplay here. The word ‘missal’ is a set of prayers or devotions. The word missile is a projectile that gets launched, hurled, or thrown at a target. My idea here is that we can all become a set of devotions, prayers or positive beneficial energies that Read More

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

By Peace Tidbits

Cultivate an Attitude of GratitudeToday people in the USA and some other countries celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday. Here in the UK this holiday is not celebrated. Being a citizen of the USA living in the UK with my lovely wife and soulmate Karen, I think fondly about people in the USA during this holiday. It also earmarks the commemoration of the day in 2013 that I climbed aboard a one-way flight in Denver to Read More

Inner Peace is Optional (NOT) Part 3

Inner Peace is Optional (NOT) – Part 3

By Peace Activism, Peace Tidbits

Inner Peace is Optional (NOT) Part 3In Part 1 of this series there was a brief outline regards taking full responsibility for your inner reactions, responses and emotions and how this empowers you by taking you into deeper states of inner peace. This helps establish the connection between taking responsibility for what goes on internally and your quality of life.

In Part 2 of this series this theme was expanded upon with self-honesty being revealed as one of the keys to succeeding. The five ‘Tips for Developing More Self-Honesty’ revealed therein are some really helpful tools!

In this Part 3 of the series, you’re going to get Read More

Inner Peace is Optional (NOT) Part 2

Inner Peace is Optional (NOT) Part 2

By Peace Activism, Peace Tidbits

In Part 1 of this blog series I ended by leaving you with the question:

What would your life be like if you could experience inner peace in the form of REAL (not feigned) peace, calm, centeredness and balance, REGARDLESS of what was happening in your life?

Accomplishing THAT would be extremely empowering!
So how can you accomplish that?

Read More

Sweet Acceptance Brings Inner Peace

Sweet Acceptance Brings Inner Peace

By Peace Tidbits

Sweet Acceptance brings Inner Peace

Whenever you feel stressed out and don’t have any inner peace to speak of, there is a simple trick to help release the stress, chill a bit, and experience a bit more inner peace.

Sweet acceptance of whatever is happening in that moment is the simple trick I’m speaking of. It works marvelously most of the time for most people. Why? Because in a stressed-out state we always have various Read More

Exchart Tolle on Finding Inner Peace

[VIDEO] Tolle, Finding Inner Peace

By Peace Tidbits, Videos
This simple brief description and exercise given by Eckhart Tolle (one of my favs) on how to find inner peace, and why you may not be experiencing it, is so beautifully offered that regardless of your level of accomplishment in achieving inner peace it is sure to be of some value to you!

Connection Brings Peace

Connection Brings Peace

By Peace Tidbits

Connection Brings PeaceI'll begin by saying that peace is not merely the absence of conflict, but also the presence of cooperation, caring, forgiveness and compassion.

Cooperation, caring, forgiveness and compassion all have a prerequisite of connection. If we are unable to connect with others we will not be able to Read More

[VIDEO] 10 Secrets Inner Peace

By Videos

These 10 secrets to Inner Peace and Success are true gems…

Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer, and while the video presentation is not quite what it could be to do this information true justice, the wisdom is still awesome…