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Peace and Goodwill for All is Possible!

Peace and Goodwill for All is Possible!

By Peace Activism, Peace Tidbits

Peace and Goodwill for All is Possible!

Peace and goodwill for all, or any of it’s numerous variations, is one of the Christmas holiday season’s most popular messages. Yet, whatever of it actually comes to pass during the holiday season soon dissipates as things return to ‘normal’ for the vast majority of people. Why is it that what we as a society call ‘normal’ is so dysfunctional, so distressed, and so divided, that peace and goodwill on Earth can ever only Read More

Two Brothers Take a World Walk Peace Tour

WorldWalk Tour for Peace

By Activism

Two brothers have a vision for world peace which is based upon individuals finding peace within themselves and their communities. Sounds like they already know about the Inner Peace=World Peace simple formula!

They have embarked upon a WorldWalk, a walking tour around the world in 6 years which will cover 25,000 miles and 5 continents!

These two brothers are Read More