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We Appreciate You!

Thank you for your support of Inner Peace = World Peace.

Your credit card statement will show that your account was debited by "COSMIC NEXUS" which is our merchant name. Please make a note of this so you'll remember what your payment was for. You will also receive a payment transaction receipt by email for your records.

PLEASE NOTE:   your contribution is NOT a tax-deductible donation. We are currently a for-profit organization that's operating according to the non-profit spirit and many non-profit principles, but without all the governmental regulations. We therefore remain sovereign in regards how we may operate in order to best fulfil our purpose and mission.

Remember! Improving our own life experience through achieving a more sustainable state of inner peace also contributes to world peace!

This is where our Simple Formula "Inner Peace = World Peace" originates! We get to improve our own quality of life, health and wellbeing whilst we also make a meaningful contribution to world peace.

If you're wondering how that can really be true, then we suggest you read "Our Simple Formula" page!