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World Peace Starts With Inner Peace


World-Peace-Starts-with-Inner-PeaceEveryone, except the hardest hearted war mongers, wants world peace. War and conflict does nothing but harm people, animals and the environment while simultaneously enriching the companies that produce war machinery and weapons, their corporate officers, shareholders and the banks that fund them.

We are not powerless. The simple idea that inner peace is equivalent to world peace, which is the concept that we are founded upon, means that we cannot have a peaceful world until we have a world full of peaceful people.

This means that each and every one of us have a very important role to play in bringing about world peace. Every moment of every day we are feeding energy to what Dr. Rollin McCraty of the Institute of Heart Math calls ‘the field,’ which is our planet’s geomagnetic field environment. We are all connected through that field. See Our Simple Formula page for a more in-depth information about this.

Therefore becoming aware of what we are ‘feeding the field’ is paramount to changing this field into one that’s more peaceful and harmonious. This in turn will help others on our planet who are also part of that field to more easily find their way to inner peace also. This whole phenomenon is easily understood on a more personal level too. If you walk into a room of angry, arguing people that are really going at each other rather bitterly, how do you feel? Conversely, if you walk into a room of real jovial, friendly, loving and compassionate people all sharing and helping each other, now how do you feel?

The difference in how you feel in those two circumstances is due to the energy in the immediate local ‘field’ you have stepped into. Yet, that local field is also connected and a part of the planetary geomagnetic field environment. Scientists like Dr. MCraty have measured these field effects and how they are affected by human emotions and consciousness. With this realization comes a new dawn. We must learn to control what we ‘feed the field’ each and every moment of every day in order to help bring about world peace.

Consider the times when your actions may be well-intended, but you’re engaging them from a place which is stressed, angry or turbulent emotionally in some way. When this occurs you’re feeding incoherent and turbulent emotion into the field. In situations like this we’re working against ourselves. We’re also diminishing the possibility that world peace can come to fruition. Further, in such circumstances we’ll not have much if any inner peace either. This in turn will negatively impact our health because without inner peace we experience various forms of debilitating stress.

So how do we control this emotional beast inside of us? The truth is, it’s more of a harmonization job than it is a control job. The beast resists control! However, the beast does respond to gentleness, kindness and understanding, just like we do. So you can start with taking it a bit easier on yourself. Also, if you recognize that a fiery emotional energy like anger is just trying to motivate you to take some type of affirmative action to change something it helps. Provide your anger with a constructive outlet to do just that and you’ll calm down and feel more peaceful inside.

Also, learning how to better prioritize your time and tasks can go a long ways towards helping you find more inner peace. Sometimes we are faced with more than we can reasonably accomplish in the course of a day. We will then push ourselves beyond our design limits trying to get it all done and this puts us into the fight and flight mode. We then get edgy, irritable and reactive to things we might not ordinarily react to. When you find yourself faced with more than you can reasonably do for the day, re-assess and identify the things which truly can be let go and done another time. Many times when we do this, we find we actually get it all done anyway! This is because when we’re not feeling stressed we are more efficient and coherent and everything flows better.

There are also some practices one can do like meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, breath work, laughter yoga and so forth, all of which can help you de-stress and find more inner peace. These types of practices cannot be done all day long through. Therefore, you’ll also need some type of quick and easy to use tools to use to stay in balance and harmonized. I’ve shared tips already. To dive deeper into what might be possible and learn a simple technique I suggest you read my eBook ‘A Pathway to Enduring Inner Peace.’

In this eBook you’ll discover the one common thing that we all do which can very easily destroy our inner peace! This powerful little eBook reveals this secret AND it teaches you some additional tools to help you find a deeper and more sustainable state of inner peace.