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WorldWalk Tour for Peace

By February 11, 2013November 18th, 2016Activism
Two Brothers Take a World Walk Peace Tour

Two brothers have a vision for world peace which is based upon individuals finding peace within themselves and their communities. Sounds like they already know about the Inner Peace=World Peace simple formula!

They have embarked upon a WorldWalk, a walking tour around the world in 6 years which will cover 25,000 miles and 5 continents!

These two brothers are peace activists par excellence! They hope to be able to find more peace between the two of them as brothers who are now glued together on this peace pilgrimage! That is definitely the place to start!

They wish to spread the message of peace amongst the people they meet along the way. They wish to learn what others know about grassroots peace in communities.

What an amazing find these two brothers are…